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500ml Marine Clean Makeup Removal Solution Facial Care Massage


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net weight:500ml
Type: makeup removal


Gentle and non-irritating makeup remover formula effectively cleans the residue of the foundation in the pores, leaving the skin clear and transparent


Eyes: Dip the makeup remover with a cotton pad and apply it to the eyelids for a few seconds. Wait for the makeup to dissolve before starting to wipe.
Face: Dip the makeup remover repeatedly and carefully wipe it from the inside to the outside. Wipe it continuously with a cotton pad 2-3 times, until the cotton pad does not leave the color of the foundation. After the cotton pad is used, it should be discarded immediately to avoid Use again.
Wash with normal temperature water, and then clean with cleansing products.

Packing list:

1*Marine Clean Makeup Removal Solution