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3 Colors Lipolaser Belt Infared 105 Pcs LED Photon For Body Shaping/ Slimming/ Pain Relief

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Model: LT-OL700
New Arrival Red Light Therapy Lipoaser Belt Body Slimming Fat Loss Belt 105 LED Lights


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How Red Light Therapy and Near-infrared Ray Work for Fat Loss?

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy affects fat cells, causing them to break down.

A 2012 study in the International Journal of Endocrinology found that red light can control ghrelin (hormone associated with hunger) in sleep-deprived people, increasing leptin and ghrelin levels, which in turn reduces fat.

660 nm and 850 nm have the best biological response, the 660nm can be absorbed by the skin faster and help anti-aging, and the 850nm wavelength goes deeper into the body and helps with muscle recovery, joint pain and general health.

Near-infrared Ray

The physiotherapy effect of far-infrared rays can increase thermal energy in the body and activate cells, thus promoting the burning, decomposition and metabolism of fat cells, thereby effectively losing weight.


Body Slimming/ Shaping/ Contouring/ Sculpting/ Fat Loss
Pain Relief


1. Perfect performance for body treatments like weight loss and pain relief.
2. Portable design so you can use it in different situations
3. 105 pcs leds with wavelength 660nm 850nm infared

Product Details:

Power: 20W
Size: 121*20cm
Color: Black
Led number: 105pcs
Wave length: 660nm/850nm


Indoor use only: Light is not waterproof, can not used in water or wet places.


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