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Pressotherapy machine /IR heating panels

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  5. Air Wave Pressure Far Infrared Heat Pressotherapy Body Slimming Fat Loss Machine - Suerbeaty
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  • Hello I am from Los Angeles and i have… Hello I am from Los Angeles and i have done big purchases two times , really recommend SuerBeatyonline! its a trusted website :) so happy for my purchase thank you! customer service is the truth!


  • I ordered a cavitation machine from them and I was very confused on which one to get. They helped me with finding one that works with me and answered all my questions before I finally was happy with one. Their fast response and dedication is what makes me very satisfied. I will be ordering more devices from them since I know that they are reliable!

    The Sculpt Room

  • Great follow up Customer Service I was surprised at how fast my machine came after ordering it. The videos made it easy to put together and I love the results I’m receiving so far. They’re Customer Service exceeded my expectations too!

    Nancy Smith

  • Best customer service! I’ve never encountered such prompt and efficient customer service before. This company is professional and has quality equipment. Will be purchasing more from this company in the near future. 100% recommend. 😊

    Michelena Arellano


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