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FAQ About Suerbeaty/Purchase

Q: Where is Suerbeaty located?

A: Located in Shenzhen, China.

Q: Is this site legit?

A: This is a legit website and our brand suerbeaty is trademarked in the US.

Q: Are the machines sold on the site brand new? Why are some machines so low in price?

A: All the machines we sell are brand new, even the promotional ones are brand new. We will often choose some machines for promotion so some machines are cheaper.

Q: Do the machines have FDA registration? Any proof?

A: Yes, they have. We can email you the link if you need it.

Q: Is there a financing plan or installment payment?

A: Sorry, there are currently no services available

Q: Why is the customer service response very slow/no response?

A: The normal working hours of customer service are from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm from Monday to Friday (China time), that is, from 9:00 pm to 6:30 am in New York, and sometimes work overtime. Due to the time difference, the reply may not be timely, the customer service will reply you as soon as she see your message. If your message is sent by email, please send it to this email:

You can also contact us via WhatsApp: +86 181 2402 3623 or +86 188 1978 1363

Q: Are there any license required to use these machines in the US?

A: Simply put, for most states in the US, you don't need a license to use these machines, but different states may have different requirements. If you use this machine for business, getting some beautician certifications will help you gain the trust of your clients.

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Q: Does Suerbeaty offer training courses?

A: We do not provide training courses, we only have user manuals and videos on how to use the machine.

Q: Can I get discounts on bulk purchases?

A: Depends on the weight of the machine, please contact customer service if you need it.

Q: Have enough funds on your credit card but failed to pay?

A: The issuer may require you to perform a 3DS verification first, or you can try to pay again, or you can consult the issuing bank.

Q: What's the tariff?

To US: No tariff
To EU: 15-20% VAT
To UK: 20% VAT
To AU: 15% VAT
To CA: No tariff

(Listed are estimates only, tariff may actually be more or less)

Q: Who will collect these tariffs?

A: Customs in your location will charge tariffs. The price of the machine on the website does not include tariff. If your shipping address is in the United Kingdom, Europe, or Australia, after the machine is shipped, your email will receive a link to pay customs duties sent by DHL, and the local customs will start the customs clearance process after receiving the customs duties.


Q: Can I have the user manual of the machine before purchase?

A: Yes, please contact customer service.

Q: The machine I received is defective, is it a used machine? Can it be replaced?

A: We do not sell used machines/refurbished machines/defective machines. The machines will be inspected before they are sent out. If you need, you can leave a message in the remarks "Need the inspection video" before the machine is sent out.

The machine may be damaged during long-distance transportation, if the machine has any defect, please contact customer service for replacement. Email:

Q: I bought the same machine from another website, can I get after-sales service from Suerbeaty?

A: In this case, we do not offer returns/refunds, but we can provide technical support, such as: provide user manuals and videos, teach you how to use the machine, teach you how to check the problem of the machine, teach you the simple method of repairing the machine, and confirm the parts that the machine needs to be replaced.

Q: I bought the machine from my trainer, the trainer's machine was bought from Suerbeaty, can I get after-sales service?

A: Yes, please provide the order number or the email of your trainner, then we can find out the order.

Q: Does Suerbeaty sell accessories for machines? like the handle?

A: Yes, we sell them, please contact customer service if you need it.

Q: I received an order update email from Suerbeaty, but the order tracking number/order number/attachment instructions are wrong, is it a scam email?

The email with the instructions is manually edited and sent, there may be errors, please reply to the email and ask the customer service to resend it.

For more questions or suggestions, please contact us