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4 In 1 Microcurrent Facial Mask Magic Gloves Microcurrent Face Lifting Machine

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Brief Introduction:

This technology designed to aid skin slimming, firming and effectively exercises muscle, promotes blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, It is suitable for use at any time at home and is suitable for use with any skin condition. BIO microcurrent face lifting by outputting simulated human bio-current can decompose fat and fat through micro-current, the most advanced system for non-invasive body contouring, achieve skin rejuvenation, and weight loss.

Why choose this 4 in 1 facial machine?

-New multifunctional facial machine with the magic glove, microcurrent mask, and 4 different microcurrent replacement heads.
-Suitable for any kind of skin to use.
-Great device for home users.
-Improve skin moisture ability and absorption energy, boost skin elasticity, make the skin more youthful, remove the wrinkles, lift the buttocks, and firm the breasts.

What Can 4 in 1 EMS Slimming Machine Do?

-Wrinkle removal
-Facial massage
-Skin rejuvenation
-Safe&Painless facial care
-Skin Lifting and tightening the slack muscle and muscle mass
-Slimming and shaping face line
Application range: forehead, the eye’s around, check, mouth, double chin, neck, breast

Packing List

Microcurrent Handle x1
Replacement head x4
Connection line x3
Power supply x1
Electrode Pads x1
Microcurrent gloves x1
Microcurrent mask x1
Main machine x1

(Extra pads can be purchased)