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All In One Vacuum Cupping+ EMS+ Vibration Butt Lifting Body Massage Hip Lifting



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Model: MS-13H1

  • Vacuum Cup Breast Enlargement
  • Butt Enhancement
  • EMS Microcurrent Massage
  • Body Shaping Relaxing

Vacuum EMS Vibration In One Cups
The NEW DESIGN breast enlarges machine combined with vacuum cup therapy, electric muscle stimulation, and Vibration. Achieve butt lifting, breast enhancement, body shaping. It‘s suitable for use at home as well as in your professional salon spa center.

Benefits Body Shaping Vacuum Therapy
- Breast enhancement, firming, and lifting.
- Improve micro-circulation, enhance collagen elasticity.
- Breast shape correction, nipple sag improvement.
- Body contouring, reshaping, and slimming.
- Improve skin elasticity.
- Reduction of orange-peel-like tissue.
- Improve lymph circulation.
- Healthy massage.

Features Spa Vacuum Butt Lifting Breast Largement Enhancement

  • Use the principle of negative pressure liposuction to perform physical massage on the chest, and use different frequencies of negative pressure to dredge the breast meridians.
  • Accelerate fatty acid conversion, safely and effectively remove excess fat, lose weight, eliminate excess fat in the abdomen, improve leg shape and tighten skin. It can be used for lymphatic drainage, treating cellulite, improving buttocks, and achieving a perfect figure.
  • Accelerates chest muscle movement, stimulates breast expansion, makes breasts fuller and more shapely, and keeps your breasts healthy
  • Simulate human body acupoint massage techniques, massage comfortably
  • User-friendly design, convenient and fast operation, breast enhancement operation is simple
  • Smart touch screen, easy to use.
  • Two bio modes.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Vacuum Breast Augmentation

  • Negative pressure breast augmentation uses dynamic negative pressure absorption and high-frequency vibration to help the breasts to exercise, just like other stretching exercises, not only does it not loosen the skin, but also tightens the skin, making the breasts firm and full.
  • Through the suction of negative pressure inside the instrument, the negative pressure of different rhythms is generated in the breast, so that the breast body is relatively raised, and the effect of breast enlargement is achieved. The negative pressure suction device is used to pull the breasts under negative pressure.
  • Under the action of pressure, the gaps between the skin, glands, and adipose tissue of the breasts are first pulled and enlarged, and then tissue hyperplasia occurs, making the breasts larger.

Its therapy is very effective for breast augmentation and butt lift.

Advantages Vacuum Therapy Body Massager Equipment

  • It is safer than surgical breast augmentation. No surgery, no surgery, pure physical therapy, and no side effects.
  • Second, no injection. Breast enhancement lasts longer. The pure oxygen state really allows mammary cells to regrow.
  • It is more effective than supplementing hormones, and comprehensively balances and regulates endocrine and various organs of the body.
  • It is more direct than drug therapy, which can dredge the breast, eliminate the disease, and make the breast grow for a long time.
  • Results last longer than other methods.

Packing List
1 x Main Machine
1 x Tubes for Cups
1 x Filter
2 x Pairs of Breast Vacuum Cups
2 x Connecting Cord for Cups

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