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Handheld Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Ion Device Lifting Tightening Cleaning


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Model: JM-01

  • Eliminate keratin
  • Remove blackheads
  • Nutrition infusion
  • Tightening&lifting
  • Thorough nutrition&skin smoothing

1. Concave surface fits the facial contour: Stainless steel and water-proof material, fit the face's arc.
2. Smart key control: Say goodbye to traditional ways, care and moisturize the skin and make it smooth and elastic.
3. Dust cover: Protect the scrubber blade carefully.
4. Ergonomics-centered, comfortable to hold: It only weighs 78g and is small and exquisite, and you can hold it with one hand.

How to operate ultrasonic scrubber
1. Remove makeup and clean the face.
2. Apply a hot towel to the face, 2 minutes.
3. Deep cleansing: Turn on the device, select the cleansing mode, and get a wet cotton sheet; point the scrubber downward, and tilt it 45 degrees; start from the chin, moving the device slowly from the bottom up; you can treat the nose more.
4. Clean the face with a wet towel.
5. Apply nutrients evenly to the face.
6. Nutrition infusion: select the hydrating mode; point the scrubber upward, and tilt it 45 degrees; start from the chin, moving the device slowly from the bottom up.
7. Lifting and tightening: select the lifting mode; point the scrubber upwards, and tilt it 45 degrees; lift the device from the chin to the part below the ear, from the corner of the mouth to ear center,and from the forehead to the hairline.

Ultra-small particles of nutrients to help with absorption: Point the blade upward and tilt it 45 degrees.
Import with sound wave ion: Nutrition reaches the dermis, doubling the absorption and activating skin vitality.