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NAISIGOO Laser Hair Removal Machine 808 Nm Laser Painless Lasting Hair Removal

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Generally speaking, the shipping time of the machine is 5-15 days. We use FedEx, UPS, DHL express for machine delivery.

For som machines, the shipping time to US addresses will be shorter because we have four warehouses in the US.


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Some customers may wonder, they bought the same machine, but the delivery time is different, this is probably because the machines in our warehouse in the United States are sold out.

We regularly ship a batch of machines to the United States by sea at one time. The transportation time is about 2-3 months, so the machines may not be replenished in time. At this time, we can only ship from the warehouse in China, and the transportation time is 5-15 days. If you have requirements on the delivery time, you can contact us in advance.

  • What does a cavitation machine do?
    Cavitation machines use high-frequency heat and sound waves that penetrate your skin and break down fat cells by liquefying them. The liquid fat is then excreted naturally by the liver like all other toxins in the body.

  • Does the cavitation machine get hot?
    We will NOT feel hot and vibration while using this ultrasonic cavitation slimming machine, since the 40k frequency is too high already beyond human's perception, but as you drop a tiny amount of water on the metal pad surface, can amazingly see the water bobs.

  • Who Cannot get Lipo cavitation?
    Ultrasonic Cavitation is not for people with heart disease, kidney failure, or liver failure. It is not for those who are pregnant, and you must wait for a minimum of three months after childbirth

  • Does the fat come back after cavitation?
    Ultrasound fat cavitation empties out your fat cells, rather than destroying them as liposuction does. The fat cells are almost always here, but with fat cavitation, they will be much smaller than before so to achieve a slimming effect. To make your results last longer, you'll need a great diet and plenty of regular exercises.

  • Is a 30k cavitation machine better than 40k?
    Different frequency targets fat layer with different depth. Under the same energy, 30KHz cavitation works better than 40KHz. This unit emits radiofrequency energy of 1,3, 5 MHz, applied on plenty of points (poles). The more poles give a greater penetration depth of the RF radiation.

  • Is 40k cavitation 2.5 better than 40k cavitation 2.0
    The answer is yes. The cavitation 2.5 was upgraded from cavitation 2.0, it is with stronger energy to destroy fat than cavitation 2.0. Most machines in the market now are cavitation 2.0, so it is time to upgrade your machine and let your clients to see more effective results!

  • Can you do cavitation on the back for tightening?
    The most appropriate parts of the body for Ultrasound Cavitation are the thighs, abdomen, hips, buttock, and upper arm, i.e. areas of localized fat deposits. 
    It can not be applied to the head, neck, chest, back, or over bony areas. In these areas, we are only able to use Radio Frequency skin tightening.

  • How much water should I drink after cavitation?
    Prior to having Ultrasound Cavitation you should follow a low fat/low carb diet and drink at least 2 liters of water 24 hours before your treatment. For 3 days following your treatment, you should continue to drink 2-3 liters of water a day

  • What happens if you don't drink water after cavitation?
    If you do not drink adequate water before and after each treatment, it will be harder for your system to remove the fat. You may notice an increase in urination after each session.

  • Is Ultrasound Cavitation Non-Surgical “Liposuction” painful?
    No, most clients consider the procedure painless and comfortable.


  • How often can Cavitation be done?
    At least 3 days must pass between each session for the first 3 sessions, then once a week. For most clients, we recommend a minimum of between 10 and 12 cavitation treatments for best results.

  • How long can you do cavitation?
    We follow the rule of no more than 1 hour of Ultrasonic Cavitation every 72 hours. This 1 hour, however, can be split between opposite sides of the body, i.e. 30 minutes on the left thigh and 30 minutes on the right thigh.

  • How much weight can you lose with ultrasonic cavitation?
    Typically you can expect 1 to 2 inches of fat loss after the first treatment and up to 2 inches of loss after each subsequent treatment.

  • Can I take a shower after cavitation?
    Using a dry skin brush daily will help stimulate lymph movement (your therapist will show you how to do this). Do not have a hot shower (warm is alright), spa, or sauna 24 hours after treatment.

  • Is ultrasonic cavitation better than cool sculpting?
    With Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation, you can return back to your daily regular routine immediately after the procedure. There's no need to take days off of work. Some of our clients even come in on their lunch breaks! That's because the procedure is painless, relaxing, and can be completed in an hour or less.

  • Which is better lipo laser or ultrasonic cavitation?
    Ultrasonic Cavitation and Laser Lipo are excellent alternatives to surgical procedures such as liposuction. They are also safer, with less risk and side effects than procedures such as CoolSculpting.



• Delight Your Clients: Wondering if your customers are truly pleased with their hair removal experience? Opting for this Laser Hair Removal Machine is the surefire way to meet and exceed their expectations. Elevate your beauty business with results that speak volumes, leaving your clients thoroughly satisfied and returning for more.

• Give Your Clients Lasting Hair Removal Results: Elevate your salon\'s hair removal experience with our state-of-the-art machine featuring an 808 nm semiconductor laser. This cutting-edge technology ensures lasting results by safely and painlessly targeting the hair root, with visible outcomes after just 2 to 3 sessions. The process, seamlessly passing through the epidermis, guarantees your clients both satisfaction and longevity. Plus, with proper maintenance, the results can extend beyond expectations, making it a game-changer for your beauty business.

• Elevated Customer Contentment Boosts Revenue Growth: Elevate your salon\'s hair removal game for heightened customer satisfaction, drawing in new clients and ensuring repeat visits from your regulars. Increased footfall translates to amplified revenue. According to the latest data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, laser hair removal costs $389. Not only does this mean a lucrative return on investment, but it\'s also a formula for success. Crunch the numbers and watch your business flourish.

• Why Our Laser Removal Machine Stands Out: Our machine boasts a cutting-edge 808 nm semiconductor laser, ideal for all skin types and most effective on medium to dark hair. Adding to the allure, it features sapphire ice cooling, ensuring an instantly painless and comfortable hair removal experience for your clients. Not to forget, the device is equipped with a user-friendly 10.4″ touchscreen, giving you seamless control over your operations. Elevate your salon\'s standards with this precision, comfort, and ease trifecta.

• Buy with Confidence: Gain access to installation and operation videos, relish a 365-day warranty, and enjoy a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. Experience swift delivery within 3-5 working days via trusted carriers like UPS, FedEx, or DHL. Take your hair removal service to new heights today – simply click the Buy Now button and elevate your client experience!


How Does the Laser Hair Removal Machine Work?

The laser hair removal machine uses an 808nm wavelength to target hair follicles, applying sufficient heat for damage while minimizing impact on surrounding tissues. Controlled pulse duration ensures effective thermal damage to the follicles with minimal effects on surrounding areas. The machine delivers strong energy output within the optimal time, sparing normal tissues as much as possible.

The machine employs a multipulse laser that, under lower energy density, heats follicles to 48°C. This, maintained through the sliding motion of the treatment handpiece (in 10 Hz mode), causes hair follicles and growth cells to lose vitality, achieving permanent hair removal.


Technical Specifications

Input Voltage: 220 V ± 10% or 110 V ± 10%
Output Power: 800 W
Type of Cooling: Wind + Water + 300 WTEC Refrigerating System
Display: 10.4″ HD Capacitive Touchscreen

Type of Light: Semiconductor Laser
Light Wavelength: 808 nm - 810 nm
Energy Density: 10 - 100 J/cm²
Pulse Width: 10 - 300 ms
Working Frequency: 1 - 10 Hz
Spot Area: 1.5 x 1.5 cm
Output Mode: Pulse
Conductive Medium: Sapphire

Product Size: 51.2 x 24.4 x 18.9 in. (130 x 62 x 48 cm)
Package Size: 44.5 x 23.8 x 23.0 in. (113 x 60.5 x 58.5 cm)
Net Weight: 128.8 lb. (58.4 kg)
Gross Weight: 175.5 lb. (79.6 kg)

In the Box

1 x Main Machine
1 x Hair Removal Handle
1 x Goggles
1 x Eyeglasses
1 x Funnel
1 x Rack
2 x Fuse
1 x Power Cord
1 x User Manual


Q: Can laser hair removal be permanent after one treatment?
A: Unfortunately, no. Achieving permanent results with laser hair removal necessitates a complete treatment regimen and consistent sessions. Treatments should occur every 3 to 6 weeks to attain satisfactory outcomes, depending on the body area. This timing aligns with the three stages of hair growth: growth, resting, and regression. Laser hair removal is most effective during the growth phase, and the timing of hair growth cycles varies across individuals and body areas. Therefore, a personalized treatment plan is essential, considering each person\'s unique hair growth patterns and density.

Q: Does laser hair removal harm the skin?
A: Not at all. Laser hair removal is skin-friendly. It operates based on selective photothermolysis, targeting the melanin in hair follicles while leaving the normal skin tissue unharmed. In simpler terms, the light wavelength only affects the melanin in hair follicles and does not harm the surrounding skin, ensuring no damage occurs.

Q: Will hair become darker after laser hair removal?
A: Following laser treatment, the remaining hair will become finer and lighter in color; it won\'t darken. However, frequent shaving, plucking, depilatory creams, or waxing can result in thicker, coarser, and darker hair.

Q: Is laser hair removal suitable for everyone?
A: While laser hair removal has a broad range of applications, it may not suit everyone. People with the following conditions should exercise caution:
- A history of keloid scarring
- Current infections or a history of herpes simplex in the treatment area
- Recent hair removal by other methods within four weeks
- Allergies to phenol-based drugs or other bleaching agents
- Allergies or sensitive skin

Q: Is there a specific season for laser hair removal?
A: Laser hair removal is generally not restricted by seasons; it does not involve wounds or a recovery period, making it suitable for treatment at any time. However, since multiple sessions are necessary, it\'s advisable to commence treatment early, giving you the confidence to display your beauty.

Q: Can I sunbathe immediately after laser hair removal?
A: It is not recommended to sunbathe right after laser hair removal. Shaving the hair before treatment removes both the hair follicles and the outer layer of the skin, which weakens the skin\'s protective barrier. Hence, it\'s best to avoid immediate sun exposure.