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New Arrival Painless Private Daily Care And Tightening Vaginal Care Product



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Model: SR-HC062

  • Safe and painless
  • Promote collagen proliferation, repair and strengthen levator muscles
  • Regulate the PH value of the reproductive system, treat both internal and external vulva
  • Increased moisture, softness, firmness, and maintenance of ovaries

Brief Introduction

This private care device is the most advanced RF private instrument in the United States. It has a patented intelligent temperature control system. Set the target temperature before treatment and it stays at the set temperature constantly, which can effectively avoid tissue damage. Real-time temperature detection system displays the skin temperature during treatment, which brings better experience. It passed FDA and C

Working Principle

This machine effectively promotes the repair and regeneration of type I collagen through the action of heat, thereby promoting the increase of collagen fibers, elastic fibers, reticular fibers and organic matrix, making the vulva full, elastic and tough, and thickening the vaginal wall. Tighten the vagina.

Technology: Disposable Probe

The core technology of the private care device lies in its disposable treatment probe, which is very small, user-friendly, and comfort during treatment. The disposable probe is only the size of an index finger, so there is no feeling of discomfort when inserting for treatment. The disposable probe is valid for 30 minutes. After the probe is activated, the valid time is 30 minutes, which avoids the risk of secondary use.

Technology: Temperature Control RF

All processes that promote the regeneration of human collagen are through heating. The vulva is very delicate, and the labia tissue is between the skin tissue and the mucous membrane tissue, so it has a higher temperature requirement. The special smooth skin temperature setting of private care device keeps the temperature adjustable at 37-42℃.


1. Safe and painless
2. High comfort, non-invasive and painless, more efficient and safer, without anesthesia
3. Marital life can be carried out normally on the day of treatment
4. Promote collagen proliferation, repair and strengthen levator muscles
5. Suitable for all ages of 18+, with a history of sexual life
6. Adjust the PH value of the reproductive system, and treat the internal and external vulva simultaneously
7. Increased moisture, softness, firmness, and maintenance of ovaries
8. Simultaneous treatment of internal and external vulva to improve satisfaction and self-confidence


1. Vaginal relaxation after giving birth or after menopause;
2. The labia of the vulva is loose, and the vagina exhausts and sounds when intimate behavior;
3. Atrophic vaginitis/vaginal dryness during intercourse;
4. Mild to moderate pelvic prolapse: the internal organs of the pelvis (such as bladder, rectum) decline;
5. Sexual dysfunction and orgasm problems;
6. Stress urinary incontinence or leakage of urine when coughing/sneezing/exercising.


-Improve vaginal firmness: The intimate baby tightens the entire vulvar area, from the outer labia to the entire vagina. Both patients and their partners can notice a significant improvement in firmness.

-Improve the appearance of the labia: make the skin of the external genital area taut and smooth to improve its appearance. Increase vaginal secretions: The intimate baby increases blood flow through zero hormone therapy to remove dryness, restore nerve signal conduction, and improve lubricity.

-Improve sexual function: The intimate baby improves the sexual satisfaction of women and their partners by increasing sensitivity to orgasm and strengthening muscle contraction.

-Reduce stress urinary incontinence: By strengthening the pelvic muscle tissue, the private baby can reduce accidents of urine leakage and help treat mild to moderate stress urinary incontinence.


Q: Will it be pain while operation?
A: You would only feel comfortable and warm during the process, no pain after treatment either.

Q: Is it safe to use this private part device?
A: A disposable probe is used for each treatment to ensure that there is no risk of infection. The private part device is very safe and has no adverse reaction records.

    Q: How many times of treatment needed? How long after I could do it again?
    A: 4 treatments account for a course normally. 6 treatments as a course is also okay if needed. Treat 2-4 times a week. In general, the customer would feel obvious change and improvements after 


    Input voltage: AC110V-220V
    Output power: 30-200VA
    Size: 48*60*25cm
    Weight: 8
    Fuse: 5A

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