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NEW Cupping Vacuum Breast&Butt RF Cavitation Body Sculpting Machine


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The specially designed vacuum pump can quickly improve the size and shape of the breast without any pain and health threats, allowing you to have natural and beautiful breasts. At the same time, the radio frequency can tighten the skin, and the 40k cavitation handle is mainly used to blast the fat to achieve the integrated effect of slimming and breast enhancement.


  • (I) Breast Development

1. Choose the breast cup according to customers needs, connect the cup and aspirator socket.

2. Let customers half-sleep to stretch out the breast, cover breast with plastic cloth, don’t apply on people with the sunken breast.

3. Turn the air pressure knob to the highest point in the cup, turn the strength knob to the lowest point, then press to choose inspiration and turn the rhythm knob to breast lifting (or press body rhythm 1, body rhythm 2 and breast lifting alternately).

4. Put the cup on the breast, and leave breast and the cup closely touched. For people with different breast sizes, it is suggested to apply the instrument on a smaller side for 5 times before applying on two sides together.

5. Adjust strength knob from weak to strong, and then adjust air pressure until customers feel comfortable.

6. After 20 minutes, turn the air pressure knob to the
highest point, turn the strength knob to the lowest point to take off the cup, the apply on breast lifting cream.

  • (II) Face and Body shaping

1.Multipolar radio frequency technology is a non-surgical skin repair therapy that eliminates stretch marks, cellulite and other deep-rooted skin problems without anesthesia, and can tighten the skin and promote metabolism.

2.Regarding the 40K Cavitation handle, because it is mainly used to burst fat, when the fat is burst, the fat will cause friction to achieve the effect of weight loss.

FAQs of Vacuum Breast&Butt machine

  • What type of treatments is vacuum therapy used for?

-Localized treatment for obesity

-Cellulite treatment

-Treatment of fibrosis after liposuction

-Buttock lifts

-Breast lifts

-Body contouring

If you eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and live a healthy lifestyle, it can complement the work you’re putting in.

  • How effective is vacuum therapy?

This therapy is painless, safe and highly effective. Vacuum-therapy stimulates the blood and improves lymphatic drainage, stimulates the fibroblasts, and increases collagen elastin, therefore improving the texture and tone of the treated zone.

  • Does the vacuum therapy for butt lift work?

The results are unequivocal, the vacuum therapy for buttocks procedure works.Of course, as with any technique for improving the appearance of the body, to maintain our results we must ensure a healthy lifestyle by eating properly and exercising regularly. But with the support of a good professional and proper guidance it will be possible for you to greatly enjoy the benefits of the lifting.

  • Does lymphatic drainage really work?

Aside from lymphedema, lymphatic drainage massage can help treat several health problems. Some conditions can benefit more from the massage than others. Studies have found that lymphatic drainage massage may be beneficial for the following: ‌Rheumatoid arthritis.

  • How soon until I see results?

You will start to see a difference after just one session! To make your results long lasting, a series of treatments is recommended.

  • About the use of breast enhancement cup

1).For people with different breast sizes, it is recommended to use the instrument on the smaller side 5 times, and then use it on both sides.

2).Turn the intensity knob from weak to strong, and then adjust the air pressure until the customer feels comfortable.

3).After 20 minutes, turn the air pressure knob to the highest point and the intensity knob to the lowest point to remove the cup.

  • About the use of RF and 40K

1).We recommend that your treatments in the same area should be separated by 3~5 days, 1~2 times a week.

2).It is best to use it together with gel to achieve better results.

Package Listing

1 x Main machine
1 x A set of breast enhancement cups
1 x 40k cavitation handle (with lighting)
1 x 2 polar RF Handle for Face and Body
1 x Power cord

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