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Portable One Handle Photon LED Skin Rejuvenation Photon Micro Current Device

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Retrains muscles to streamline lines

Enhance youthful look through ATP

Non-invasive skin firming

7 Color LED photon therapy for skin rejuvenation


What is a microcurrent machine?

The Photon Micro current Beauty Device, designed for facial beautification, uses natural light waves, which are transmitted by LED into the skin. The light activates photoreceptors in skin cells, producing energy for absorption by skin components, to beautify your complexion.


- 7 Colors Led photon therapy is designed for acne, wrinkle removal, and anti-aging. LED photon rejuvenates repairs and hydrates skin.
- Bio microcurrent machine is a particular benefit for skin firming, tightening, rejuvenation, smoothing, anti-aging, lifting, and spots cleaning.
- Streamline face line, stimulate ATP to restore and collagen reproduced, enhance the youthful look.


- The portable smart design which is suitable for operation at home easily.
- 7 Colors led photon therapy, enjoy microcurrent treatment at home
- Non-surgical, no downtime, no side effect, no risk.

Package Including:

1x Main Machine
1x Photon Microcurrent probe
1x Holder
1x fuse wire
1x Power cord