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Professional Safe Anti-Age Noninvasive Nebulizer Injection Pen Set 2 Cartridges

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Noninvasive Nebulizer Pen import beauty materials, with security for the beautiful escort; non-surgical, traumatic small, fast and convenient;
Replenish the water effectively replenish the cheeks, lips neck, chest, back, and other necessary water of the full body; For freckles, dark circles, acne, small pores, improve skin inflammation; enhance the compact, improve eye wrinkles, enhance the sagging face, neck.

The length of 5 Colors

Red: 650-730nm
Green: 430-450nm
Blue: 525-550nm
Purple: 380-440nm
Clear Blue: 460-495nm

Package Included

Main Machine x 1 Pc
12 needles x 2 Sets
Injection Pen with Pipe x 1 Pc
Adapter(AC 0.3A 50/60Hz 100/ 240V ) X1 Pc
English instructions x1 Pc