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Women Vinyl Coated Hand Weights Colorful Coded Dumbbell Training Fitness Homeuse

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-Endlessly versatile, dumbbells are an essential addition to any fitness regimen or home gym. Arm rows, goblet squats, chest presses, bicep curls... there are hundreds of workouts packed into one simple piece of equipment. You'll find our hand weights are perfect for strengthening and toning vital muscles throughout your upper body and core.

-It coated in a generous layer of colorful, shiny vinyl, these hand weights make ideal workout partners wherever and whenever you need them. You'll find the right weight for your routine, whether you need added resistance on endurance exercises with our lighter weights or building muscle mass with our heavier weights. Utilize hand weights to supercharge activities like power walking, jogging, even physical therapy and yoga.


-Product Name :Aerobic Fitness Dumbbell
-Color :Red,Blue
-Norms :2B,3B,5B,8B,10B,12B
-Crowd :Sports and Fitness