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Epidemic Prevention Guide - Suerbeaty

Epidemic Prevention Guide


How to Distinguish between a Common Cold & Coronavirus

Common Cold

  1. Breathing: Generally no dyspnea or shortness of breath
  2. Cough: Late onset
  3. Fever: Generally recovers after 48 ~ 72 hours
  4. Body: spirit, appetite, sleep are not much different from usual 


  1. Breathing: Increased frequency, or even difficulty breathing
  2. Cough: severe symptoms, mainly dry cough, wheezing, affecting sleep
  3. Fever: High fever lasts more than 72 hours
  4. Body: poor spirit, poor appetite
  5. Incubation period: 2 ~ 14 days, average 7 days

How to choose a mask

  1. Not recommended: paper mask, cotton mask, sponge mask
  2. Recommend:

      Medical surgical masks: prevent respiratory infections to a certain extent

      Kn95 mask: prevents droplet transmission caused by patient's body fluid, filtering effect reaches 95%



  1. Replacement principle: Timely replacement when damaged,

                                                Timely replacement when contaminated

  1. Storage method: Put the mask in a clean ziplock bag

                                     Fold the side of the mask that touches the nose and mouth inward


Other considerations

  1. Cover your mouth and nose with a sleeve when sneezing or coughing
  2. Try to avoid crowded places and maintain indoor ventilation
  3. Proper physical exercise, physical fitness and immunity

Product recommendation:

Gym Dual Sided Gliding Fitness Core Sliders

Exercise Bang Pull Ring

  1. Avoid the decline of physical resistance, work reasonably, do not stay up late
  2. Pay close attention to fever, cough, and promptly seek medical attention when symptoms appear