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How Much and How Long to Customize a Unique Beauty Machien for Yourself? - Suerbeaty

How Much and How Long to Customize a Unique Beauty Machien for Yourself?

If you want to customize the machine, this blog may help. :)

Not satisfied with the appearance of the machine? Don't like the color of the machines? Can't the features on the machine meet your needs? Want a machine that contains your own ideas? We have customer custom services to meet your requirements. Of course, customer customization service is not unlimited, within the scope of our ability, we can try our best to meet your requirements for the machine. Before customizing a machine, here are some things that can help you learn more details about custom services.

The way to customize the machine includes:

  • Logo customization
  • Color customization
  • Function customization
  • Chassis customization

LOGO Cusomization

Adding a logo is the easiest and most common way to customize a machine. Why add a logo? The main reason is that business owners want to promote their brand through a logo.

We can add logos to almost any machine, if you want to add your own logo to the machine, then you need to know that only machines with capacitive touch screen can we add on-screen logo to it.

For machines with resistive touch screen and machines without touch screen, we can only print the logo on the casing of the machine.

You might get confused by this, don't worry, just take some hot selling machines as an example.

  • Machines with Capacitive Touch Screen

The hot selling 30K S Shape cavitation machine is a capacitive screen machine, we can add a logo to the “welcome” interface and handle selection interface. CaVstorm Cavitation 3.0, as well as the recently popular Cavitation 2.5 series machines are all capacitive screen machines. There is a way to recognize this type of machine, if you can see the word "welcome" on the main picture of the machine, then this machine can be added to the logo on the screen. Adding a logo to this type of machine is completely free.

  • Machines with Resistive Touch Screen

The classic 6in1 cavitation machine uses a resistive touch screen, as well as the new S Shape cavitation 2.5 machines, and butt machines. For these machines, we can only print the logo on the chassis. Considering the cost factor, it is usually charged or conditionally free.

  • Machines without Touch Screen

This type of machine is easier to distinguish, for example lipo laser belts and household 3in1 cavitation machine. For such machines, we usually print logos on the machine shell or make logo stickers on the shell. Same as the machines with resistive touch screen, print logo usually charged or conditionally free.

The easiest way to distinguish the machine is: send the machine picture/name/model/link to the customer service representative, and you will get all the details.

Color Customization

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes of colors, some people like brightly colored machines while others like pure white machines. Some business owners want the machine to match the decoration style of their spa. We can change the color of the lipo laser pads, the color of the handle and the color of the machine shell, but the color customization is only applicable to some machines.

Color customization is more complicated than logo customization, so if you have this need, you need to let us know:

  • the machine you want
  • the color you like
  • the part you want to change the color

The most common case used for color customization is Model T case, which is the case for the 30K S Shape machine. We have pink and champagne color S Shape machines on sale now, the production materials are already available for these two color machines, so the lead time will be shorter than other color custom machines.


There is a charge for color customization, because we need to make a machine for you separately, and the cost will be higher than that of mass-produced machines.

Function Customization

Is the required functionality distributed across different machines? Don't need some of these features on your machine? We can customize the function of the machine for you.

(only for customizer)

  1. CaVstorm Machine + EL handle + Small RF Handle + 5mw Lipo Laser
  2. S Shape Machine + Vacuum Cups -Small RF Handle
  3. S Shape Machine + Vacuum Cups + 160mw Lipo Laser - EL Handle- Small RF Handle

The cost of function customization does not have to be high, it depends on the cost of the function you request.

If you need function customization service, you need to let us know:

  • original machine
  • the function you want to customize

Then we will give you the estimated price and delivery time.

Generally speaking, the delivery time of functional customized machines will be longer than that of color customized machines.

Chassis Customization

Take the 30K machine as an example, we have three different chassis for the same function.

If you own a luxurious spa and want a vertical machine, we can swap the desktop unit for the vertical one. Prices vary due to machine weight.


The fee will vary according to the customization requirements, you need to give us more details of the customization requirements before we can confirm the fee.

  • Adding a logo to a machine with capacitive touchscreen is free.
  • Color Customizations typicalyy cost between $30 and $70.


Logo: 3-5 days

Color customization: 3-5 days

Functions customization: please contact seller

Chassis customization: please contact seller


Send us your customization requirements——Confirm the fee and time——Confirm the effect drawing——Pay for the machine——Wait the shipment


  1. If you need to add your logo, please send us a clear picture of the logo before the shipment.
  2. We will charge for color customization and feature customization services because this customization requires the factory to make a new machine alone, and the cost becomes higher.If you need to customize multiple identical machines, the cost decreases.
  3. Some machines cannot be customized due to the chassis.
  4. Most of the machines shown in this blog are avalible only to customizers.
  5. Contact:

                     Email: salesadpt188@surebty

                     WhatsApp: +86 18124023623

                     Instagram: cavitationmachinesuerbeaty_