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Red Light Therapy Promotion & How Does it Work for Fat Loss - Suerbeaty

Red Light Therapy Promotion & How Does it Work for Fat Loss


▶Suerbeaty Red Light Belt Promotion
▶What is Infrared Red Light Therapy?
▶What are the Benefits of Infrared Red Light Therapy?
▶Does Red Light Therapy Really Work for Weight Loss?
▶Precautions When Using the Infrared Red Light Device
▶The Energy and More Details of Surebeaty's Red Light Lipo Belts


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What is Infrared Red Light Therapy?

Photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) is a type of light therapy that uses specific wavelengths of red light to penetrate tissue and stimulate cells. Red light therapy can speed wound recovery, reduce pain, reduce inflammation, stimulate hair growth, and treat certain types of acne. Red light boxes have been used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) since the 1980s.

When your cells are stimulated by red light, the vibrations of the molecules and atoms of the cells speed up, which can increase the local temperature. Red light therapy can alter cell permeability and enzymes, speed up metabolism, and produce many regenerative effects that play an important role in reducing cell damage, muscle fatigue, joint pain and inflammation.

What are the Benefits of Infrared Red Light Therapy?

Promote brain health and reduce depression

In a small study in 2009, 10 patients with a history of major depression and anxiety were exposed to red/near-infrared light on their foreheads for 4 weeks. 

At the end of 4 weeks, depressive symptoms were relieved in 6 of 10 patients and anxiety symptoms were relieved in 7 of 10 patients.

Helps clear acne and heal wounds

Infrared therapy helps reduce oil production and bacterial content on the skin, helping to reduce acne

A study found that the skin of a person infected with smallpox is exposed to the sun, and the skin can be deeply scarred. If the sun is blocked with red curtains and the patient is only exposed to the red light, the skin heals and the scarring is reduced.

A 2014 study also found that red light therapy can speed up tissue repair and healing, with beneficial effects on wrinkles, acne scars, hypertrophic scars, and burn healing.

Relieve joint pain and inflammatiom

Hundreds of clinical trials have proven that red light therapy enhances lymphatic system activity, reduces swelling and inflammation, and is positive for arthritis, joint pain, knee pain, torn meniscus, general knee pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and back pain effect.


There are studies that support red light therapy to stimulate collagen production and have a certain anti-aging effect.

A 2014 study found that red light therapy users had significantly improved skin tone and increased collagen, and it also improved skin texture, tone, pores, and wrinkles.

Does Red Light Therapy Really Work for Weight Loss?

Yes. Red light therapy affects fat cells, causing them to break down.

A 2012 study in the International Journal of Endocrinology found that red light can control ghrelin (hormone associated with hunger) in sleep-deprived people, increasing leptin and ghrelin levels, which in turn reduces fat. The physiotherapy effect of near-infrared rays can increase thermal energy in the body and activate cells, thus promoting the burning, decomposition and metabolism of fat cells, thereby effectively losing weight.

Red light therapy can also reduce cellulite, as in a 2011 study on red light therapy and cellulite reduction, researchers divided women between the ages of 25-55 into 2 groups: Group 1 Treadmill exercise + red light therapy 2 times per week while Group 2 did treadmill exercise only.

From the changes in thigh circumference and thermal images of cellulite, it was found that red light therapy + exercise is more effective than exercise alone, and the combination of treadmill exercise and red light therapy can help burn fat.

Two wavelengths of red light: 660 nm and 850 nm have the best biological response, said Dr. Michael Hamblin, associate professor at Harvard Medical School, with the 660nm red light being absorbed more quickly by the skin and helping anti-aging and the 850nm red light goes deeper into the body and helps with muscle recovery, joint pain and general health.

Precautions When Using the Infrared Red Light Device 

Generally speaking, red light therapy is painless and has no side effects, the premise is that you need to pay attention to the length of treatment.

The red light belt will generate heat, although the temperature is relatively low, prolonged use, especially prolonged contact with the skin, may cause low temperature burns. Our suggestion is to use mid-range energy for the first treatment, and the treatment time should not exceed 30 minutes, and then find the treatment time and energy level that suits you.

Red light can be harmful to the eyes, so if you use red light regularly for extended periods of time, our advice is to wear goggles or close your eyes during treatment. Avoid looking directly at red light for long periods of time.

The Energy and More Details of Surebeaty's Red Light Lipo Belts


  • The red light beads on the belt are visible red light with a wavelength of 660nm
  • The gray light beads are near-infrared light that is invisible to the eye (near-infrared light is light with a wavelength of 700nm-1000nm), with a wavelength of 850nm.

    Dimension and Energy

    Dimension: 7.1''*12.2'' Dimension: 7.8''*47.6''
    Power: 15W Power: 25W Power: 20W
    Dimension: 13.3''*22''
    Dimension: 13.7''*65.3''
    Power: 30W
    Power: 60W



    Q: How long will it take to work?

    Using red light to lose weight is not a quick process but a cumulative process. Red light is helpful for weight loss, but it does not reduce fat quickly, so it is difficult to say how long it will take effect. Our suggestion is to combine it with other weight loss methods, such as exercise, cavitation procedures, etc.

    Q: Does weight loss with the infrared need to control diet and exercise?

    A: Red light therapy can help with weight loss, but we can't rely onit alone. A rebound may occur if we don't control our diet and eat and drink too much later after our weight is reduced to an ideal range. Bear in mind that there are no such weight loss products that can guarantee permanent effect. Therefore, weight loss with infrared is just a supplement. We still have to go on diets and exercise properly after achieving weight loss and stopping weight loss with infrared.