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What is the cavitation effect?

What is the cavitation effect?

Every since the summer is around the corner, the social media is filled with the topics like slimming, body shaping, flat stomach, thighs gap etc. For human beings, the chasing for beauty is endless, during the Italian Renaissance, a full body, light hair and lights skin was thought of as the superior indications of beauty; and now, the typical Kim Kardashian's curves have ruled fashion trend, females expect to have augmented buttocks along with large breasts, and without visible fat, many people choose the plastic surgery in order to achieve the Kardashian look, despite the risks accompanied. But nowadays, the appearance of the cavitation treatment is considered as effective alternative to the surgical option, then what is the effect of the cavitation treatment? How does it work? Let’s find out the answer together.


The effect of cavitation treatment

The targeted area of the procedure includes upper arms, belly, thighs, the effect on different parts are generally the same with minimal distinguishes. If you take the cavitation treatment on your belly, it helps you to tighten the skin on the belly, reduce fat deposits, improve stretch marks, accelerate metabolism results in the improvement of constipation and bowel movement, and fix the problem of cold limbs, uterus and body of female; if you take the treatment on your upper arms, it could stimulate the regeneration of the collagen in bottom layer, accelerate blood circulation, in result, you will receive shaped and slimming arms with firm skin, and say good bye to the bingo wings; if you take the treatment on your thighs, it accelerates the leg’s circulation and helps with the detoxification, prevents the varicosity veins, tightens skin and reduce the cellulite, which brings you slender legs with curvaceous appearance. In general, the main functions of the cavitation treatment include: fat removal, skin firming, lymphatic drainage, stretches removal.


Why can’t I take the procedure on the chin?

The power of high frequency sound wave is very strong, and the head, heart are pretty sensitive to sound waves since they are hollow organs, after being vibrated by sound waves, due to the different conduction of sound waves by muscle tissue and blood in the heart, back and forth reflections will occur, this force can pull the valve away from the heart muscle, if it is aimed at the eye, it will cause retinal detachment (Head, low back, chest is prohibited.)


What is the side effect of the cavitation treatment?

High frequency sound wave is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that does not require incision or anesthesia.

The principle of high frequency sound wave: the focused strong sound waves enter the body and produce a strong impact on human fat cells to make them burst.

The effect: fat breaking - fat dissolution - skin tightening – body shaping.

Therefore, it only targets the low-density fat tissue and protects the high-density tissue such as blood vessels and nerves, and has no side effects on the human body. There will be slight tinnitus during the operation, which is normal and need not be worried. You may experience other slight skin reactions like redness, bruise, but it should disappear in several hours.


How long does it take to see the results?

The cavitation treatment does not require anesthesia, it is totally non-invasive, which means the effect is not very noticeable at the beginning, your body needs time to absorb the broken fat cells and drain them as waste by your lymphatic system, you may need to repeat the treatments to see visible results, usually it is recommended to take the session 3-4 times a week, leave an interval of 1 day between sessions (stop the treatment during menstruation). During the treatment period, try to avoid high-calorie food and cooperate with moderate exercise to achieve better results! In the later stage, operate once in 3-5 days for consolidation! In this case, you are able to see the final results in 2 – 3 months.


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