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What Make Butt Lifting So Popular? - Suerbeaty

What Make Butt Lifting So Popular?


Unlike the traditional butt lift, vacuum therapy promises to help tone and tighten your rear without the use of incisions and fat grafting.

While the lack of downtime and scarring is much more appealing, vacuum therapy doesn’t offer as many significant effects in terms of buttock sculpting.

If you’re wondering whether vacuum therapy is right for you, this article will help you learn more about the procedures.

What is vacuum therapy?

Vacuum therapy is a noninvasive massaging technique that helps to lift your skin via a mechanical device equipped with suction cups.

While it originally entered the market during the 1970s as a way to help treat burn scars, this treatment has evolved into a nonsurgical butt lift method. Some studiesTrusted Source have also looked into the therapy as a way to close up skin ulcers.

Certain forms of vacuum therapy are also used for the treatment of cellulite.

Does vacuum therapy work to lift and sculpt the buttocks?

At its core, vacuum therapy offers deep massaging effects. The procedure may work for buttock toning by:

1. decreasing muscle tension

2. increasing lymphatic flow to remove toxins and water retention

3. exfoliating the skin, thereby making it smoother and more toned in appearance

4. stimulating the middle layers of skin for increased toning effects

5. decreasing the appearance of cellulite

When performed for several sessions on a weekly basis, you may notice that your skin is tighter and more toned. This can provide the appearance of a butt lift.

Is vacuum therapy safe?

Vacuum therapy is a noninvasive procedure, so you can expect few to no side effects. However, you may feel slight pain and tightness after the procedure.

Vacuum therapy is considered an aesthetic procedure, not one based on medical needs. It can potentially lift and tone the buttocks without any side effects, and it is one of reasons to make it popular.