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Facial Care&Skin Cleansing Tips Sharing

Do you ever experience these, like ultraviolet radiation, staying up late, acne, red blood silk, etc.? All of those are related to internal secretion and skin care. For ultraviolet, we can prevent ourselves from the sun, but what can we do with acne, red blood silk and skin problems caused by staying up late.

Next, I would like to share with you some tips on skin care procedures at night time, which can also alleviate acne and red blood silk problems.


  1. Skin Cleansing

Skin cleansing is actually the most important link in home skin care. How can you own a healthy skin if dirt all over the skin? Skin cleansing can not only achieve cleaning effect, but more importantly it has moisturizing function. Therefore, facial cleanser needs to be used during cleansing process since soap can only remove dirt from our skin epidermis but can’t achieve the effect of skin care. Facial cleanser, however, can not only effectively remove dirt from skin surface but also is of moderate nature and can do deep cleansing in a more effective way, which makes us feel cool after using it.


Some Secrets for Skin Care:


A: To rub facial cleanser until lots of foams come out.

When washing face, we must knead the facial cleanser with palms until lots of foam appear, then apply them to the face. If we don’t rub the cleanser, the cleansing effect will be compromised, and it adds burden to skin. If the hands are dirty, then it’s hard for the cleanser to produce foam. Therefore, the hands must be cleaned before face washing.


B: Meeting points between face and neck should also be cleaned carefully.

People always forget to clean the intersection between face and neck or forget to clean the foam that left on this part. All of these are causes for skin problems like acne that take place on parts around chin.


C: A proper cleansing time is 2 to 3 minutes.

When removing make-up, we can get a proper amount of cleansing cream and massage skin to remove make-up. Oil content in cleansing cream can dissolve make-up and wrap up make-up residues. But if you massage it too long, the make-up residues may attach to skin again, then we can’t achieve cleansing effect. Therefore, the optimal cleansing time is 2 to 3 minutes.


  1. Rinse face fully

After the face was washed with facial cleanser, we must clean the foam on face completely with clear water, or at least rinse it with clear water for over 10 times. To rinse it again and again with warm water, then to pat the face with cold water to restore skin’s elasticity.


  1. Massage


Don’t underestimate the effect of massage that lasts only for 2 to 3 minutes daily. In fact, this several minutes of facial movement can not only promote facial blood circulation but also make it ruddy and shiny. If you use the suitable massage cream that contains nutrient, it can not only replenish nutrient to and nourish skin, but also effectively prevent the formation of forehead wrinkles and muscle from loosening.


A: Forehead

Get a proper amount of massage essence, apply it to forehead with hands drawing circles. Meanwhile, pull gently from forehead center to the two sides to flatten wrinkles.


B: Eyes

Press the acupoints of front corner of eyes while doing massage to alleviate eyes fatigue. Then move the fingers to the back corner of eye via upper eyelid. Massage the back corner of eye with hands drawing circles. Move the hands from the part below eyes to the front corner of eyes, and massage it again and again. Massage nose wing that has dirt with hands drawing circles repeatedly.


C: Lips

To make lips elastic. Start with the center of lower jaw, lifting the corner of mouth upwards, and repeat it for 2 times.


D: Cheeks

To massage outwards with finger prominence drawing circles, and increase the intensity slightly when massaging the part that in front of the ear. Meanwhile, press acupoints in front of the ears.


E: Neck

Tilt the palms inwards while massaging neck, and massage it from the bottom up.


  1. Skin Maintenance & Skin Care

As the name suggests, it’s exactly skin maintenance, and there are no rules to follow. Usually, it includes effective use of day cream, night cream, essence, nutrient solution or skin firming liquid. Skin maintenance is actually one of the most important links, but it’s also the most overlooked part by girls. A cleansed skin is more easy to absorb nutrient. If nutrient solution or nourishing cream are used at this moment, it can penetrate directly into subcutaneous cellular layer, thus enhancing the vitality of cells and giving full play to skin care products.     


Except for applying lotion and emulsion, self-made facial mask can also achieve the effect of skin nourishing.


Girls start to wear sexy clothes when summer comes. If we are too careless during this period of time, ultraviolet from the sun may easily cause damages to skin resulting in the formation of dark skin and color spots. So how to prevent ourselves from the harm of blazing sun and to show our white and rejuvenated skin to our heart’s content? Let’s check some tips on skin care out and have a sexy summer.  


A: A water spray makes the worries away

Skin moisture loses greatly after basking in the sun, thus keep the skin hydrated is the primary condition for skin beauty. At this moment, we need a water replenishing spray, which can both calm skin and moisten it. For OL who work indoors and stay in air conditioned environment, to use the spray can both alleviate skin’s dryness and moisturize skin.  


It’s believed that the majority of girls have a hydrating spray in their bags. The spray is so east to use, and can alleviate a dry skin with just one spray. But to achieve a perfect effect, there are somethings that we have to be particular about. Next, let’s check my three knacks to make moisturizing work to be done.  


Step One: Spray. Keep the spray bottle 25 to 30 cm away from face, and raise the head a little bit, and then let the skin enjoy the spray as much as possible.


Step Two: Flip. Flip gently over the whole face with fingers, just like playing the piano, to help with water absorption.


Step Three: Pat. After five minutes, using a facial tissue to pat the remaining water until it dries. Don’t let the water dry itself.


  1. Take sun protection measures and fight war to get back your white skin

Ultraviolet in scorching summer is the ultimate cause for the harm received by our skin. It not only make our skin tanned but also speed up skin aging. For Asian, it’s so easy to get tanned. More worse, the skin may have speckles after. In this way, even the most beautiful girls may look ugly.


Although May is just early summer, it’s the time when ultraviolet is the strongest and of the greatest amount. Therefore, its harms can’t be ignored, and girls should take it seriously, and must  fight against it for a white skin. The cleverest way is just to spend more than 30 seconds to do sun protection. By doing this, you are going to be 5 years younger than your peers after ten years.


You are totally wrong if you think that you can fix the sun problem once for all after applying sunblock. Girls pursuing beauty should choose sunscreen products according to their specific situation.


Tips on Sun Protection: apply sunscreen half an hour before going out, and reapply the sunblock according to the SPF stated on the bottle timely, otherwise it can’t resist the harm of sunlight. Generally speaking, the valid time of sunblock is SPF times 15 minutes. Besides, you have to wear a hat or use an umbrella when you go out even  you have already applied sun block.


  1. Apply moisturizing mask and make skin drink as much as possible

The rejuvenated skin must be lack of water after a hard day outdoors. Skin cells are more active and metabolism is stronger at night. This is the best time for sin care and also a good time for skin restoring. At this moment, girls must take the amazing device out for skin care, namely facial mask.


Facial mask is the most widely used product for skin care. When we apply a facial mask to skin, it can lower nutrition loss and thus achieving the effect of moisturizing. When we apply facial mask that contains whitening essence, it especially can less pigmentation after basking in the sun, and whiten and improve skin in a short period of time.


Speaking of this, I guess you can’t wait to play some music and apply a facial mask to your face. Here, I would like to remind you that don’t be rush in doing this. Applying facial mask is not as easy as it seems.


Pont One. Water replenishing is still the key point. We replenish water all year long, but why we still emphasize water supplement for skin care in summer? It’s because the temperature has risen a lot in summer, which leads to easy volatilization of skin moisture and thus skin may experience hydropenia. To maintain a moisturizing and healthy skin, we must get ready to supply water to skin at any time. Except for supplementing water to skin in the morning and at night, we have to bring us a bottle of moisturizing spray to use it when skin becomes dry during daytime. Moreover, we can apply some self-made stuffs like cucumber facial mask. And honey and milk can also help to replenish water to skin, as well as whitening skin.


Point Two. Pay attention to sun protection. Summer is different from the other seasons. For summer, sun protection should be the top priority. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun causes various facial problems, and ultraviolet is also one of the causes of aging. Long exposure of ultraviolet will lower the immunity of skin, then pigment will have sediment and can’t be discharged, leading to dark skin. This is the taboo of many girls.


Point Three. Skin cleansing. Sweat and grease secretion increase in summer, as well as metabolite on skin surface, which easily causes skin infection and blocked pores that lead to black head and large pores. Therefore, doing skin care in summer must keep the parts clean. For this, you can use some strong cleansing products to make face more fresh and cool.


Point Four. How to save a reddened skin. Under the scorching sun, the skin is easily get reddened if the sun protection measures are not taken properly. What should we do if our face and body become red. Don’t think that it may disappear without attending. A repairing must be done after that, otherwise the parts may become dark gradually and extremely ugly. It’s usually the result of sunburn. For this, apply cotton pad with astringent to face until the face turns cool, then use ice compress. And remember use moisturizer to moisten skin. We must pay great attention to skin care in summer, otherwise a good skin may also be destroyed by the scorching summer.


Many people also go to beauty salon to do photorejuvenation periodically. A better effect can be achieved with the combined use of skin care programs and beauty equipment.