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How to lose weight scientifically?

As people are busy with their work, lunch time becomes shorter and fast food gains more popularity. However, obese people are spiraling because of the intake of great amount of calorie-rich food. It is estimated that there are about 50 million males and 60 million females who are overweight worldwide. With the improvement of living standards, people take in too much food(overnutrition) but physical exercise is less taken, which is a big problem for obesity-prone groups.

So, many people are currently taking great interest in how to quickly reduce fat and keep a healthy diet. They like to explore different ways of weight loss such as diet, exercise or medical beauty treatment.

Though reducing fat through medical beauty treatment may be strange to many people, more and more people are willing to go to beauty parlors to take fat-reducing treatments according to statistics, which means there is a huge market demand for beauty equipment. When it comes to this, the machine using 40K cavitation is a necessity. So, what functions does 40K cavitation have? Here let’s have a look.

Functions and Working Principles:

  1. Powerfully burn and remove fat

After the sound wave of 40,000HZ is gathered and released by the operation tip, strong impact will act on cells of human body and friction will be caused between adipose cells, which can effectively consume calories and water to shrink adipose cells. Besides, when the sound wave vibrates, cells will burst and then adipose cells will decrease, thus delivering the results of reducing fat.


  1. Dissolve fat, detoxify body, firm skin and increase skin elasticity

It uses advanced RF technology to make powerful energy reach deep fat tissue. With the advantage of targeted RF output, it can cause adipose cells to produce friction heat under active condition to heat up treated area. And then unwanted fat and harmful waste in body can be excreted through sweat glands, lymphatic system and enterohepatic circulation. In this way, it can dissolve and remove fat.


  1. Reduce cellulite and slim&shape body

Through the stimulation of acupoints and fat, it can promote the movements of treated areas, thus making body consume calorie and fat to shape body.

 Fat-reducing steps

  1. Sound wave fat-reducing

Strong sound waves can be used to quickly vibrate deep stubborn fat, producing partial vacuums (cavitation) among adipose cells to bring impact to them. And then adipose cells will burst from inside and decomposed into free fat acid(ffa).

  1. RF fat-dissolving

RF energy can promote fat decomposition and body metabolism, and excrete decomposed free fat acid(ffa) through enterohepatic circulation and lymphatic system.

  1. High-intensity energy to destroy fat

It can promote the absorption of products, accelerate the circulation of blood and lymphatic system. After cells burst, blood circulation will be better and unwanted harmful waste and fat will be removed.

  1. Bio electric currents to reduce fat

Based on physiotherapy, bionics, and anatomy in aesthetic medicine, it can regulate bodily functions and promote consumption of calorie in the body to directly reduce fat and slim body.

Performance and features

  1. Burn and reduce excess fat, build ideal body curve
  2. Firm skin and reduce stretch marks
  3.  Shape limbs and body
  4. Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and relieve constipation
  5. Alleviate muscle pain and relax muscles
  6. Dredge blood vessels and improve micro circulation
  7. Burn and reduce fat
  8. Correct and lift hips
  9. Promote bodily collagen regeneration(tighten neck, waist and abdomen)
  10. Effectively reduce stretch marks

However, proper diet is also very important, which means we need to eat more vegetables, fruits and protein-rich foods. Since metabolism consumes calories in our bodies, fat-burning process will be also promoted if it is sped up. For those who are afraid of side effects brought by medications, their best bet is to reduce fat by diet control and some measure(40K). Good habits make fat-reducing process go in a healthier way.