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Do Cavitation Machines Work?

Ultrasound cavitation is a kind of beauty treatment, which is used to decompose fat accumulation in the body and then remove fat through lymphatic system.

Ultrasound cavitation is a kind of beauty treatment, which is used to decompose fat accumulation in the body and then remove fat through lymphatic system. It is an effective and non-invasive treatment that can replace liposuction. This therapy uses ultrasound to break down fat cells, which are then expelled through the lymphatic system.

Ultrasound cavitation is regarded as a very convenient treatment to reduce fat, for it has few side effects and needs shortest recovery time. Bruise and pain are commonly seen side effects that persist for a short time, which will normally disappear in 3-7 days.

It is much cheaper than traditional liposuction. Its cost vary based on some factors such as the treatment area and whether or not you need follow-up treatments.

How does the cavitation work?
This machine uses ultrasonic waves to decompose adipose cells.

The ultrasonic waves can reach deep skin layer to vibrate and destroy adipose cells. And then they will separate from each other and come off dermis.

After several days, those adipose cells will be absorbed and excreted from body by lymphatic system.

What will happen during the treatment?
The process of cavitation is very simple. On the day when you make an appointment with your beautician, she may ask you to take off your clothes and wear corresponding disposable treatment clothing according to your treatment area. The beautician may use ethanol to sterilize the treatment area, and use handheld ultrasound tool to move slowly through treatment area. During the treatment, you may feel the sensation of being warmed up and hear buzzing sound from the machine. Normally, the treatment lasts for 40-60 minutes.

Targeted area of ultrasound cavitation
Credible researches show that this kind of treatment can effectively reduce fat on some areas such as back and chest.

Ultrasound cavitation is also often used on
Abdomen and hips
Upper arms

Side effects of ultrasound cavitation
For most of people, ultrasound cavitation treatment is low-risk. The commonly seen side effects include
Blood stasis

In some circumstances, the decomposed fat will not be removed evenly under skin. And you may see lumps or sunken skin after the treatment. Those conditions will be relieved through follow-up treatments.

What should I do after the treatment?
You are recommended to keep hydrated after the treatment in order to help you remove fat through lymphatic system. But do not expect immediate effects. You may see edema or distension on your body. It takes time for your body to remove adipose cells. Noticeable effects can be delivered if you take more treatments. Most of treatment receivers can see satisfactory effects after 6-12 weeks of treatment. Normally, 1-3 courses of treatment are needed to deliver obvious effects. The treatment effects will be long-lasting as long as you keep a healthy diet and take moderate exercise.