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FAQ Of Summer Sun Protection - Suerbeaty

FAQ Of Summer Sun Protection

Can I not use umbrella but sunscreen only?

A lot of sunscreen wear of after sweating, too much sun exposure after that can cause skin damage.

Do I need UV protection at night?

Yes, the moon light reflects UV radiation as well!

Occasional slacking off?

Too much UV light exposure in one afternoon may not bring visible changes but over time you will see the damage, don't slack off when it comes to sun protection!

Does higher temperature mean stronger UV radiation?

Temperature does not affect the UV indes and UC light does not transmit heat. However, up to 90% of UC rays can pass through clouds, so don't rely on the cloud to avoid sunburn, especially on overcast days.

It's better to ear lighter colored clothes in summer?

Statistics have shown that white blocks only 85% of UV light, while darker color blocks more, blue blocks 98% and black blocks 99.5%