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How is Cavitation 2.5 Upgraded and Which Machine is the Best Cavitation Machine? - Suerbeaty

How is Cavitation 2.5 Upgraded and Which Machine is the Best Cavitation Machine?

With the popularity of cavitation to lose weight, more and more people start to choose cavitation machine as a good helper on their way to lose fat. Many new cavitation machines have been launched recently. People will wonder which one is the strongest cavitation machine and what is the difference between them? Some people are also asking whether the latest slimming machine is the strongest? The answer should be "No".

This article will talk about the new launched cavitation machines, I will show you guys the technical specifications of these machines, then you will know which machine is the best cavitation machine. Hope it can answer some questions you have.


What is Cavitation 2.5?

Cavitation 2.5 is not as strong as CaVstorm cavitation 3.0, but compared to cavitation 2.0, the energy of cavitation 2.5 is stronger, and the design has also been upgraded. But the cavitation 2.5 machine is not just one machine, it means a cavitation 2.0 machine was upgraded. So far, two series of machines have been upgraded to cavitation 2.5 machines, one is the classic 6in1, 8in1 and 9in1 40k cavitation machine, and the other is the 30k s shape cavitation series machine.

40K Cavitation 2.5 Machine VS 40k Cavitation 2.0 Machine Energy

The energy of cavitation 2.5 is increased, following are the technical Specifications of it.
Cavitation 2.0 Handle > Frequency: 40KHz Power: 20W

Cavitation 2.5 Handle > Frequency: 40KHz Power: 30W

In addition to the cavitation handle, the frequency and energy of the RF handle is increased.

  • 6-polar 3D SMART Body RF Handle Frequency : 3MHz Power: 30W
  • 6-polar RF Vacuum Handle Frequency : 3MHz Power: 50W
  • Bipolar 3D SMART RF Handle Frequency: 3MHZ Power: 30W
  • 6-polar RF Face Handle Frequency: 3MHZ Power:50W

You can see that the frequencies of all RF handle become 3MHZ now.

Larger Probe Area

The cavitation handle of cavitation 2.5 machine become bigger, which makes your treatment more effective.

cavitation 2.5


Ultrasonic 30K Cavitation 2.5 Machine VS 30k Cavitation 2.0 Machine

The 30k cavitation 2.5 machine has not changed so much, so its price has not changed, but the energy of cavitation and RF has increased from the previous 80W to 85W, so it become more cost-effective.

cavitation 30k

The Best Cavitation Machine

With so many machines, which one is the strongest cavitation machine? Although many different cavitation machines have been launched after the launch of cavitation 3.0, the strongest cavitation machine is still cavitation 3.0. Cavitation 3.0 machine uses 40k cavitation.

Generally speaking, 30k cavitation machine is stronger than 40k, because 30k cavitation can act on deeper fat layer and reduce stubborn fat. But cavitation 3.0 is different, the action area of its ultrasonic probe is much larger than other cavitation machines and its handle has a vacuum cupping function, which can suck up fat first, so that the energy on the probe can be fully applied to the body, which greatly improves the efficiency of fat loss.

Vacuum cupping therapy is also beneficial to weight loss treatment. Cavitation 3.0 combines vacuum cup and cavitation together. This is one of the reasons why cavitation 3.0 can bring amazing weight loss effects.

If you want me to sort these machines, I think it will be

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Following is the technical specifications of these machines. Just talk about the cavitation and RF.

  • CaVstorm cavitation 3.0
    Cavitation Frequency: 40KHz Power: 100W
    RF Frequency: 5MHz Power: 100W
  • 30k cavitation 2.5
    Cavitation Frequency: 30KHz Power: 85W
    RF Frequency: 5MHz Power: 85W
  • 30k cavitation 2.0
    Cavitation Frequency: 30KHz Power: 80W
    RF Frequency: 5MHz Power: 80W
  • 40k cavitation 2.5 machine
    Cavitation Frequency: 40KHz Power: 30W
    RF Frequency: 3MHz Power: 30W/50W
  • 40k cavitation 2.0 machine
    Cavitation Frequency: 40KHz Power: 30W
    RF Frequency: 1MHz/3MHz Power: 30W

Comparing these data, you can clearly know which one is the most powerful machine


In my opinion, after so many new machines launched. CaVstorm cavitation 3.0 machine is still the most powerful cavitation machine. But cavitation 2.0 machines will gradually be replaced by cavitation 2.5 machines.

From the upgrade of cavitation 2.5 we mentioned earlier, we can see that the 40k cavitation machine has been upgraded a lot, but the price has not increased much.

Because the energy of the old 30k cavitation machine itself is already very strong, the design of the host is also upgraded, the 30k cavitation machine has not made much change, but under the premise that the cavitation and RF energy are strengthened, the price of the machine no change, of course customers will be more willing to choose a 30k cavitation 2.5 machine.
slimming machine

Hope this article can help you choose your favorite cavitation machine then lose your unwanted fat.

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