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What is lipo laser? Does it really work for fat removal?

Are you worried about the excess fat on your body but can’t get rid of the bucket waist and elephant legs? Tried various weight loss methods, but the areas where you want to lose weight are not thin, but the areas you don’t want to lose weight have shrunk? Laser lipolysis weight loss It can make you have a slim figure and no longer suffer from obesity. What is laser lipolysis weight loss? Let's take a look.

According to experts, laser fat-dissolving weight loss is carried out under local anesthesia. It penetrates the laser of a specific wavelength into the fat layer of the skin, and uses the very short pulses and extremely high energy generated by the laser to destroy the fat membrane, break down the fat cells, and convert them into one This kind of oily liquid substance is excreted from the body by macrophage phagocytosis and lymphatic system excretion, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss.

Technical Principle:

The laser treatment instrument releases laser energy when the laser is dissolving fat. The thermal effect of the laser selectively melts the cell membrane of the fat cells, causing the fat to rupture and liquefy, and the number of fat cells is reduced. The parts with a smaller area of melted fat can be discharged by squeezing or syringe suction, while a large amount of liquefied fat needs to be sucked out by a laser special probe under negative pressure.

In addition, the energy released during the laser lipolysis process can stimulate the skin's collagen proliferation, making the skin firm and curvilinear after fat elimination. 

Laser lipolysis is one of the best slimming technology. According to liposuction doctors, laser lipolysis is a special laser that uses a certain amount of energy. After digital positioning by a computer, it is irradiated to the obese area outside the body for several minutes to melt the body fat, So as to achieve a significant weight-loss effect.

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Digital positioning
This technology can be applied not only to the abdomen, waist, legs, buttocks, but also to the arms, face, and neck areas where the fat layer is thin but it is extremely difficult to reduce fat by other means. In other words, if you are worrying about your fat face, then just accept the "laser lipolysis", the excess oil juice can disappear without a trace under the normal metabolism of the human body, so that you who love beauty will get paid. Long-cherished wish to truly achieve "Where can I be thinner".

Safe, little damage, no blood
Many women see blood faint, laser lipolysis will make you no longer have this kind of worry! Laser fat dissolving uses 1 to 2 mm fiber to emit laser light into the fat layer, without damaging the skin, blood vessels and nervous system, and almost no bleeding is observed with the naked eye.

Pure fat rate 90%
Laser lipolysis has an amazing pure fat rate of up to 90%, which allows you to dissolve more fat at one time and ensure the ideal liposuction effect. Laser lipolysis has a unique fat liquid that liquefies fat in all directions. While dissolving fat, it dissolves the dissolved fat out of the body, which significantly increases the amount of pure fat discharged.

Smooth and firm
Compared with traditional liposuction, laser lipolysis uses laser energy to evenly sweep over one part by one part. The operation area and the non-operation area are smoothly transitioned to avoid unevenness, smooth skin, tightness and no looseness. In addition, the laser used in laser lipolysis only acts on the set fat layer, not only does not damage the superficial skin, but also accelerates the self-repair of skin elastic fibers, stimulates collagen proliferation, so that the skin that has been absorbed by fat can still be maintained. Firm, smooth and flat.

Who is suitable to use it?
Laser lipolysis is suitable for those who are relatively normal weight, but are locally obese and disproportionately obese. These local fat deposits do not respond to weight loss and physical exercise. Liposuction is also suitable for moderately obese patients with sagging skin. For obese patients with sagging skin, loose skin can be removed while liposuction, to achieve better surgical results.
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There are many parts of the body that can suck liposuction. The parts that are often sucked are: abdomen, iliac waist, buttocks, breasts (including male breast hypertrophy), back, thighs, upper arms, back of calves and lower jaw, etc.

How about the results of lipolaser?
Although the laser fat-dissolving weight loss method can help you shape your body quickly, it does not mean that you can get it right once and for all. For a long time in the future, it is better to develop good eating habits to maintain the effect of the treatment.

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Not everyone can accept the laser fat-dissolving weight loss method. Before the treatment, the doctor will do a related examination for you to eliminate the contraindications of the treatment. Everyone has their own weight-loss method. Laser fat-dissolving weight loss is not suitable for everyone. Weight-loss method.

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The question you may ask about lipolaser:

1. Compared with other surgical liposuction surgery, is "laser lipolysis" surgery complicated?

On the contrary, the magic of "laser lipolysis" is that it does not require surgical operations in the traditional sense, does not require vibration, and does not damage the skin. It only penetrates into the fat layer through an extremely fine fiber optic catheter, and uses the high energy emitted by the laser to decompose it. The fat cell membrane makes it easy for you to have a perfect body shape. It is true that you who love beauty can regain your former slenderness in a painless state.

2. Will the skin's elasticity be affected after "laser lipolysis"?

Because the laser lipolysis is performed under the state of computer digital positioning, the laser used in the operation only acts on the set fat layer, and does not damage the skin tissue. At the same time, it can stimulate the proliferation of collagen and the elastic fibers of the skin. Self-repair to ensure that your skin's elasticity will not be reduced in the slightest.

3. Is the recovery period after "laser lipolysis" very long?

For busy white-collar workers, "laser lipolysis" is the most precious time-saving liposuction. Because of its short operation time, no pain and no trace, the beauty lovers only need a weekend to hunt down countless enviable eyes with a brand-new you with a perfect curve.

4. If the degree of obesity is not high, is the effect of receiving "laser lipolysis" significantly better than other methods?

Summer is approaching, people who love beauty naturally hope to have a proud and good figure. Most of the white-collar workers who have been sitting in the office for a long time feel a little lacking because of their slightly raised belly or slightly thick arms, or the slightly fat faces and chins of babies. So, it can be said that "laser lipolysis" is the best way to help everyone get back to the original proud body. Because of its technical precision and painless and non-marking characteristics, it can make you lose weight extraordinarily easily.

5. What is the rebound probability of "laser fat melting"?

Strictly speaking, if the diet is obtained, the rebound rate of "laser lipolysis" is very small. Even if you can't control the delicious mouth, the probability that you will be obese again is very small. Because lipolysis surgery removes your fat cells from the body instead of stagnating in the body, you can enjoy a perfect body with peace of mind.

Hope this can help you.

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