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Something About Vacuum RF Therapy

When it comes to the topic of weight loss, people have been looking for non-invasive ways to lose weight. In addition to the cavitation sculpting that everyone has been talking about, today we will focus on the role of vacuum rf on sculpting.
40K cavitation belly cellulite burning

What is vacuum RF therapy?

In fact, we can separate vacuum and rf to understand.

  • Vacuum

Vacuum is usually associated with cupping, and "Cupping" is the common name for cupping therapy among the Chinese folk, also known as "pull out the tube" or "suction tube". It is a treatment method that uses heat to remove the air in the tank, and uses negative pressure to make it suck on the skin, causing blood stasis.

This therapy can dispel cold and dampness, dredge the meridians, remove stagnation, promote qi and blood circulation, reduce swelling and pain, remove toxins and relieve heat, and has the functions of adjusting the balance of yin and yang of the human body, relieving fatigue, and strengthening physical fitness, so as to strengthen the body, cure disease.
vacuum rf fat loss

  • RF

Radiofrequency skin tightening or radiofrequency treatment is a non-invasive procedure. It uses energy rays to heat up the low skin tone of the skin tone.

This heat stimulates the production of collagen to help improve signs of wrinkles and sagging skin. The radio frequency handle is connected to the machine that generates radio frequency. They will pass the handle probe over your body and apply RF radio waves to your skin.

RF will give off heat, prompting your skin to produce more collagen and elastin. Treatment can also speed up cell renewal, so after continuous treatment, the skin will become firmer over time.

For RF treatment alone, the process takes about 30 to 90 minutes, and the specific time depends on the size of the skin area being treated.

vacuum rf lifting

However, here comes the question, why should be combine vacuum and rf?

We have learned about the respective functions of vacuum and rf in the previous section. In summary, vacuum can achieve skin firmness, and rf can achieve skin lifting. Then, if we use the two together, we can reshape the body after blasting the fat, so as to achieve the perfect effect of weight loss and body shaping.

Moreover, the combination of the two also greatly saves treatment time to a large extent. Therefore, in recent years, many weight-loss machines will design RF and vacuum on the same handle, which is convenient for the operator to use two handles at the same time.


Advantages Of Vacuum RF

  • Immediate visible results.
  • Skin tightening.
  • Reduction of localized fat.
  • Permanent elimination of cellulite.
  • Immediate recovery.
  • Improvement of blood circulation.
  • Affect the deepest skin layers.
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • increasing lymphatic flow to remove toxins and water retention
  • exfoliating the skin, thereby making it smoother and more toned in appearance
  • stimulating the middle layers of skin for increased toning effects
  • decreasing the appearance of cellulite.


What Instrument Is Mainly Coming With Vacuum RF?

In fact, many weight-loss machines on the market have vacuum and rf handles, and they have begun to combine these two functions in one handle, such as the well-known 5-1 cavitation, 6-1 cavitation, and 9-1 cavitation. But now, we briefly introduces some of the most popular spa and latest machines which are with vacuum rf in one.

These following 5in1, 6in1 and s shape slimming machines are all with vacuum rf. They are also with other functions like cavitation or rf but respectively. These are popular weight-loss machines, so it is not difficult to see that people are more inclined to combine vacuum and rf technology.

5In1 Cavitation Slimming Machine
40K Cavitation+Six Polar/ Four Polar/ Bipolar RF+ Vavuum RF
5IN1 cavitation machine
6In1 Airstorm Cavitation 2.5
40K Cavitation 2.5+ Body Six Polar RF+ Face Six Polar RF+ Bipolar RF+ Vacuum RF+ Lipolaser Pads
6IN1 cavitation body sculpting

S Shape 30K Cavitation Body Sculpting Machine
30K Cavitation RF+ Body Vacuum RF+ Face Vacuum RF+ EMS EL

s shape cavitation shaping

So Which Parts Can These Machines Be Applied To?

Face: Lift facial contour, removal wrinkle, improve skin elasticity.
Eyes Around: Lift eyes sagging & contour/remove eyebag dark circles.
Neck: Remove neck wrinkle, lift & tighteing neck shape and contour.
Arm: Tighten arms, remove bat wings arms, promotes metabolism.
Waist: Burn fat cells, remove fat belly, turn to a thin waists.
Buttock: Llift buttock contour and elasticity, create peferct buttock.
Thigh: Remove thigh fat, improve dark skin, tighten thigh.