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Start Your Fat Freezing Treatment and Get Ready for This Summer! - Suerbeaty

Start Your Fat Freezing Treatment and Get Ready for This Summer!

Although it is only January, someone are already getting ready for this summer. In order to achieve rapid and effective weight loss, many people choose to take various ultrasonic, RF, lipolaser devices to melt fat cytes, thus reducing the pain caused by traditional liposuction. Nowadays, Fat Freezing has become a new choice for fat reduce. How to freeze to dissolve fat? What are the risks? What about the side effect? We will answer you in this blog.


What is Fat Freezing Treatment?

Fat freezing is scientifically proven and approved by FDA. It is the non-invasive cooling of fat tissue to induce Fat Dissolve, to reduce body fat without damage to other tissues, no damage to the skin or subcutaneous tissue.

What Kind of Fat Freezing Machine Can Suerbeaty Provide?

We can provide many different table and vertical fat freezing machine, including machines with only one handle, machines with two handles, machines that can act on both the chin and the body. In addition, we also add other functions to some fat freezing machines, such as laser pads, cavitation handles, RF handles, etc. You can choose the machine that suits you according to your needs.


How Does it Work?

There are two plates inside the freezing handle to cool, and after starting the machine, you can adjust the temperature you want. Considering the safety, -5 ℃ to 5 ℃ is recommended. If lower temperatures are intended to be used, the treatment time must be reduced appropriately. After adjusting the temperature and time of the handle, put the handle in the treatment site, and the suction generated by the machine will allow the handle to absorb the fat and keep it close to the plate inside of the handle. To prevent frostbite, be sure to apply two membranes before treatment.

During treatment, hypothermia induces apoptosis in adipocytes, resulting in gradual fat loss without harming other tissues. Triglycerides in fats are converted to solids at low temperatures. The fat freeing machine uses advanced cooling technology to selectively reduce fat, eliminating fat cells and reducing excess fat through a gradual process that does not harm surrounding tissue.

Is Fat Freezing Effective?

In a 2015 study, Chase D. Derrick, evaluated the objective data for 295. The study shows that the mean reduction of subcutaneous tissue was 19.55% with respect to a designated control site. Selective fat freezing can reliably decrease subcutaneous tissue deposits. 

The results of a clinical study on the efficacy of fat freezing, published in the Journal of Beauty Dermatology, reporting that caliper measurements show a 23% reduction in fat layer thickness during 3 months of fat freezing.


Is Fat Freezing Safe?

Fat freezing is a very safe treatment for most people, and common side effects include skin injury, minor frostbite, or pigment. These side effects usually fade within a few weeks with care. In the study mentioned above, Chase D. Derrick also performed a safety analysis of 1,445 patients’ reportable data. Twelve patients (0.82%) reported complications with the most common being diminished sensation lasting greater than 4 weeks. In all cases, typical side effects such as erythema, bruises, minor pain, and transient sensory loss were observed, the typical side effects subsided by themselves within 14-30 days.


What Areas Can be Treated?

fat freezing cool-sculpturing treatment is designed for those physically healthy people who have local fat deposits, but not suitable for the one with overall obesity. It can target at the fat at a specific part, such as waist, abdomen, butt,  love handles, inner and outer thigh, upper arms, the submental region, the armpit and so on.


How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Most people should start seeing the results in a month or so, but they won't see the full effect until three months later. Some people may need a course of treatment, while others need two or four treatments to see the results. During fat freezing, 20 – 25% of the adipocytes will solidify, freeze, and then die during treatment. It takes about three months for your body to fully handle these fat cells, but once they disappear they will not return, the effect is permanent. Generally, treatment can be performed once a month.


Whats the Side Effects of Fat Freezing?

During the procedure, many people feel very cold and even a little painful. This usually disappears as the area becomes numb.

Some other common side effects may include:

a tugging sensation in the area during treatment


swelling or bruising

aching or pain in the area

temporary skin sensitivity after the procedure

In some cases, treated fat cells may actually increase rather than shrink. This is called paradoxical adipose hyperplasia(PAH). This is not dangerous, but it may require other procedures, such as liposuction, to remove these enlarged cells. This can lead to additional costs and longer recovery times.

What to do if water leaks from the handle interface?

Check whether the black rubber ring of the handle interface is damaged. If it is damaged, please replace the rubber ring. If the rubber ring is not broken, then please contact customer support for further assistance



The treatment is not a panacea, it can not treat obesity. It is not a substitute for liposuction or other invasive treatments. Substantial weight loss should be achieved through a balanced diet and regular exercise, fat freezing cool-sculpturing treatment can only eliminate the extra fat. Breaking aging existing fat cells does not prevent new fat cells from appearing. So why a healthy lifestyle is essential to maintaining the effect of fat freezing.People who do not exercise or have a healthy diet may see a fat recovery soon.