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Mother's Day Special


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40K Cavitation Machines

Note: Our advice is not to use the cavitation handle for one year after giving birth, or consult a doctor before use.

3in1 Cavitation RF Machine 6in1 Cavitation RF Machine 9in1 Cavitation RF Machine
$89 $375 $550
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30K Cavitation Machines

30K Cavitation Machine EL Face Lifting Machine 30K Cavitation Machine EL Face Lifting Machine with Lipo Laser S Shape 30K Cavitation 2.5 Machine With Radio Frequency For Body Slimming and Skin Tightening
$689 $850 $650
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RF stimulates the skin to produce more collagen by releasing energy, smoothing wrinkles. Compared with ordinary RF, the energy of fractional RF can reach deeper skin with better effect

RF Machines

Home use RF Deivece Portable RF Machine For Body & Face Prfessional Fractional RF Wrinkle Remover
$69 $110 $560
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The EMS machine can release energy to contract the muscles to achieve the purpose of exercising the muscles, which is very useful for the repair of the rectus abdominis. It is recommended to use after the wound has fully healed, or consult a doctor before use

EMS Machines

Single Paddle Home use EMS Machine Professional Double Paddle EMS Machine Double Paddle EMS Machine with RF
$849 $1899 $2299
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Laser treatment is the most efficient way to remove stretch marks. Laser can promote the regeneration of damaged subcutaneous fibers and achieve the purpose of removing stretch marks

Professional 980nm Spider Vein Removal Machine
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Red light therapy can achieve anti-inflammatory and pain relief effects, and massager can also relieve joint pain and relieve varicose veins.

Red Light Therapy

Arms Red Light Therapy Belts Waist Red Light Therapy Belts XL Red Light Therapy Belts
$108 $99 $159
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Body Massage Machines

G5 Body Massage Machine Air Pressure Pressotherapy Suit Shockwave Pain Physical Therapy Equipment
$198 $398 $599
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