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Side Effects of Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation is a process in which a high-quality ultrasonic cavitation machine processes low-frequency ultrasonic waves to trigger fat cells in the skin layer. This is the safest fat loss treatment without any complications such as surgery, scars, cuts, and liposuction. Each ultrasonic cavitation process takes about 40-50 minutes, so it is not time-consuming at all and can be done during your lunch break or vacation during your office or work.

Since this treatment is safe, there are no such complications and downtime, so ultrasonic cavitation does not produce permanent side effects. Most doctors recommend ultrasound cavitation to reshape the body because it is harmless and has no side effects after treatment.

Although people who have experienced ultrasound cavitation have seen and reviewed minor or temporary side effects. Most commonly, these side effects can be described as redness in the treated area, mild bruising, and temporarily sensitive skin.
cavitation body contouring


  • Cavitation probe can produce up to 40,000HZ ultrasonic wave, which can bring strong impact to adipose cells and make friction occur among them after entering human body and then effectively consume energy and water to shrink those cells.
  • At the same time, those cells will burst due to such destruction.The broken-down fat cells move from the body to the liver where they are discharged as waste. In this way, it can achieve the effect of reducing fat. Tens of thousands of tiny bubbles, namely cavitation vacuums, are produced by vibration of liquid.
  • These bubbles grow in the vacuum region formed by the longitudinal transmission of ultrasound, which will close rapidly in the positive pressure region. Those bubbles are compressed and stretched by alternating positive and negative pressures. When the bubbles burst, there will be huge instantaneous pressure of up to tens of MPa to hundreds of MPa, and some degree of vibration and noise will be produced

Side effects of ultrasonic cavitation

  • Redness

    The skin will always respond to any type of treatment, be it beneficial or harmful. Sometimes, due to some irritating chemicals, our skin will respond to the treatment and cause redness around the treated area. Ultrasonic cavitation may also cause redness around the treatment area. However, in this treatment, redness is a temporary side effect, it can subside or it takes 4-5 hours to restore normal skin. If you develop redness and swelling after treatment, there is no need to worry, it is timely and you can return to normal without any medication.

    Side effects of ultrasonic cavitation
  • Mild bruises
    Sometimes the skin responds differently to treatment, which can lead to mild bruising. However, ultrasound cavitation is a painless treatment and does not require any type of anesthesia. It is suitable for low-frequency sound waves, but still interferes with the epidermal layer of the skin and targets fat cells. This interference may cause minor bruising in the treatment area, which may disappear within a few hours, or it may take 24 to 72 hours (that is, a day or two).
    Side effects of ultrasonic cavitation

  • Sensitive skin at the treated area
    In the ultrasonic cavitation process, the gel is applied to the area to be treated, and low-frequency sound waves are transmitted to the skin layer through a handheld ultrasonic device to reduce fat cells. This ultrasonic gel or sound waves can make the skin sensitive for a period of time. It may cause it ching, swelling, or small bumps around the treated area.

  • Extremely thirsty

    Some patients also report extreme thirst, while others do not. With ultrasonic cavitation, you must remember to keep yourself hydrated. Water is essential before and after surgery because it helps the body remove toxins and fats released.

    The reason you may feel extreme thirsty is that your body needs water to flush out all toxins and fats. For more information, please refer to our article on ultrasonic cavitation post-processing.

Is It Cavitation Safe?

  • A small study done in 2007 by the person who followed 30 individuals who were all given ultrasonic cavitation body contouring treatment. No other body contouring procedure was used during the study. Participants all saw a reduction in body fat mass after three treatments.
  • The treated body fat area was reduced in size by one to three centimeters at the conclusion of the study. No adverse effects were observed during the treatment and follow up period. This study shows the effectiveness and safety of ultrasonic cavitation for fat loss. Ultrasonic cavitation is a safe FDA approved procedure.
  • Since the procedure is non-invasive, there is no downtime needed. The destroyed fat cells do not grow back. The results of ultrasonic cavitation can last with continued weight maintenance activities. 
  • Ultrasonic cavitation is a FDA safety procedure approved.Since the operation is noninvasive, no downtime is required.The damaged fat cells will not grow back. Today this treatment is usually used by many people with other weight loss to eliminate excess fat more efficiently.
  • Aftercare is crucial for achieving the best results from ultrasound fat cavitation treatments. The aftercare for ultrasound fat cavitation is detailed, however, it is worth sticking to. Your results will be optimised if the aftercare is followed.

Post-Treatment Care

Aftercare is crucial for achieving the best results from ultrasound fat cavitation treatments. The aftercare for ultrasound fat cavitation is detailed, however, it is worth sticking to. Your results will be optimised if the aftercare is followed.

  1. Avoid getting a cold.
  2. Avoid eating and drinking too much. No alcohol, no spicy and greasy food. Staying up late should be avoided. Drink warm water. Drink 3– 4litres of water everyday.  
  3. Keep warm. Take a bath after 4-6 hours.
  4. Sauna, hot spring or strenuous exercise should be avoided within 7 days after operation.
  5. It is important to stimulate the area after treatment. Before going to bed at night, you can rub yourtreated areaclockwise with your hands, so as to help stimulate the process of lymphatic drainage and accelerate metabolism for weight loss.

How To Maintain The Effect

  • Drink at least 8 glasses or 3-4 liters of water every day.
  • Avoid alcohol, coffee and tea with sugar and milk, aerated beverages, packaged food, and processed food.
  • Stick to a healthy low-carb diet.
  • Practice intermittent fastingto keep your body healthy.
  • Exercise 5 hours a week – 3 days cardioand 2 days strength training.
  • Do not compromise on sleep. Get at least 6-7 hours of sleep.       

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