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Something about cavitation machines

Summer is coming. And It’s the prime time for you to reduce fat. Are you ready for that? 😜Why summer is considered the prime time for people to reduce fat?😜

People have faster metabolism in summer than in winter. More fat is needed in winter for our body. Even though you eat less and take more exercise in winter, you will not easily perspire. In summer, human body has a high metabolic rate for the high temperature. If you take some exercise at that time, fat in your body will be easily burnt. So, let’s get started.

The most popular way is to use fat-reducing machine, such as 40K, cryotherapy-based machine.

For those machines, one of the principle they use is thermal effect of electric current, which can make adipose cells make strong movements and then dissolve fat by heat. Let me give you brief introduction as to what the cavitation machine is.

What’s the working principle behind this machine? How about its effectiveness?

Ultrasonic waves produced by the cavitation machine can reach deep skin and decompose fat. The products of the decomposed fat will be changed into useless waste and then the waste will be excreted from body through lymphatic system. However, you will feel hungry using traditional way to reduce fat. And then your body will be in a self-protection state, which means your metabolism will be slowed down and energy consumption will be less efficient. And so it is more difficult for you to burn fat. After you eat, more fat will be stored in your body to provide energy when you are hungry.

The cavitation machine can help you dissolve fat accumulation, which will be processed by your body afterwards.

The cavitation machine is widely accepted as the ideal option to reduce fat, which begs the question: what advantages does it have?


–shape body

–reduce fat

–remove stubborn fat

–promote micro circulation

–improve skin’s elasticity and tightness

–massage and relax deep tissue

Those are also the factors you should consider before buying a cavitation machine.


So, what’s the differences between machine-based fat-reducing treatment and the surgery-based one?
Compared to the way to reduce fat by surgery, using cavitation machine won’t make you face the risks of scarring, pain, bleeding and infection. And naturally, it requires no time for recovery. Therefore, many people choose to use machine.

What does a good cavitation machine look like?
There are many kinds of cavitation machines and they have their own different advantages. Here, I want to share a best-selling cavitation machine on the market with you.

The working principle of this machine is the same with the aforementioned cavitation machine. Compare to other machines using RF technology, it can concentrate both 30K and RF energy on the specific area at the same time, which features safety, painlessness and great effectiveness and also save much treatment time.

How to choose a suitable spa machine?

If you have to move the machine frequently and hope it won’t bring any inconvenience to your work, you should factor in weight and portability of the machine firstly.

The second thing is to consider its size. Machines of this kind have varying sizes. There are small-sized portable machines and also large sophisticated ones. You can choose a proper one based on your budget, the functions you want and the space of your SPA.

As for the functions, machines of this kind have several different functions such as face care, RF for tightening skin, vacuum&RF which can be used for massaging body. Some function handles can work in conjunction with LED light to reduce fat. So, you can choose a proper machine based on the functions you want.
This article focuses on the basic information of cavitation machine and how to make a choice to buy one. Still, you may take some other factors into consideration in this process. Your massages are welcome to be left here for further idea exchange!