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FAQ Of Lipo laser

What should I do before laser lipo?

Eat a healthy diet

Eating healthily can give you the confidence, energy and happiness that you may have been lacking beforehand. Combine that with the boost to your self-esteem that laser lipo can give you—you'll feel great.


How do I get the best results of laser lipo?

To get the best results it is better to follow a program of 4 treatments (2 per week or 1 per week), followed by a one week rest and then another course of 4 treatments.


How does laser lipo feel?

When you have laser lipo done, you shouldn't feel any pain.


Can Laser Lipo damage organs?

Laser lipo is the use of a laser to liquefy the fat from areas of the body that need to be reshaped. Potential risks of laser lipo can range from infection, skin necrosis, dimpling, lumpiness, numbness, scarring, discoloration, or sagging skin.


How soon can you exercise after lipo?

The bottom line for the immediate days following your liposuction surgery is to use common sense. Pursue a healthy balance of light physical activity without pushing yourself too much.


Does fat come back after lipo?

Fat will not return (and ideal results will remain intact) if the patient maintains their post-lipo weight.