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Must-have Home Beauty Machine

Wanna have a glow look when you go back to work after covid-19, however, all the beauty salon are closed. In this time, home use beauty machines will meet all of your needs.

For Dark Circles Removal

Causes of dark circles

(1) Congenital or acquired eyelid pigmentation increases;

(2) The aging and loosening of the eyelids, and the skin wrinkles together to deepen the appearance of the complexion;

(3) The appearance of eye bags causes shadows;

(4) The inferior depression on the inner side of the orbit forms a tear groove and then a shadow;

(5) The stagnation of blood flow in the eyelids causes the eyes to deepen.

(6) Permeation of pigment particles of cosmetics: Those who use common cosmetics may have some dark-colored cosmetic particles penetrate into the eyelids. Over time, dark circles appear.

Product Recommendation

RF Skin Lifting LED Photon Eye Patches Puffiness Dark Circles Removal Device

For Hair Glowing

Causes of hair loss

  1. Excessive mental stress, nervousness or staying up all night can cause hair loss.
  2. Irregular life, often staying up late to work overtime, all-night games, leading to metabolic disorders, the body does not function properly and causes hair loss.
  3. The body is exposed to viruses and high heat damages the hair mother cells, inhibits the normal division of the hair mother cells, and causes the hair follicles to be in a shock state, resulting in hair loss.
  4. Inheritance, mainly inherited by parents, generally males are dominant inheritance, females are recessive inheritance.

Product Recommendation

High Frequency Facial Rejuvenation Hair Glowing Machine

For Skin Rejuvenation 

Causes of Dull skin

  • Melanin overproduction

Long-term exposure to ultraviolet light can easily damage the skin's stratum corneum and cause disordered arrangement, resulting in rough skin surface and a dull complexion.

  • Keratin oxidation

Long-term exposure to air pollution such as ultraviolet rays, electromagnetic waves, computer screens, smoking, etc., can easily stimulate the body to generate too many free radicals and cause aging of the stratum corneum.

  • Insufficient skin water retention

Aging, computer screen irradiation, air conditioning, etc. will bring dryness to the skin, and whitening is always carried out at the same time as moisturizing. Skin with sufficient moisture, the cuticle will appear transparent and elastic, and the function of whitening products will be better.

  • Abnormal work and rest

Abnormal work and rest will cause the body's metabolic capacity to decline, affect the production and metabolism of melanin, reduce the repair ability of the epidermis, and may also cause endocrine disruption, which in turn affects the skin texture.

Product Recommendation

LED Photon PDT Skin Rejuvenation 7 Colors Beauty Mask

For Mole Removal 

Causes of Mole

The cause of moles is generally caused by the increase in melanocytes. It can cause black spots on the skin, black moles, generally painless and itchy, and everyone has it. Moles are both congenital and acquired, but most pigmented moles are benign and harmless. Human moles are mainly caused by genetic factors.

Product Recommendation

Mole Removal Spot Pigmentation Remove Plasma Pen

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