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Things You Should Know About Cavitation


As a non-surgical way of weight loss, cavitation slimming treatment is always popular by people all over the world. And this blog will present details of cavitation weight loss treatment.

What Is Cavitation?

Ultrasonic cavitation treatment is a method of removing body fat and breaking down the body, which can break down body fat and metabolism in this way to achieve the effect of reducing fat.As an advanced technology for weight loss, cavitation is a brand new and non-surgical method of degreasing, which uses 40k frequency ultrasonic waves to quickly destroy the target fat cells. It was said by our customers that cavitation can remove 3-5 cm of fat for post-processing. Whatsmore, combineing with radio frequency, vacuum or frozen lipolysis will get better and faster results.

How Does Cavitation Work?

Ultrasonic cavitation is a new procedure that can help people remove excess fat, it is painless and safe. The cavitation process uses low-frequency sound waves to destroy fat cells. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they will be converted into proteins, and then into fatty acids and glycerin, and this fatty acid and glycerin will be cleared from the body through normal metabolism. Then get the result of weight loss, the body is excited.

What Area Can The Cavitation Treatment Apply To ?

The abdomen, hips, thighs, legs, and arms are the most common treatment areas for cavitation for weight loss.

Attention:  please note that you should not use cavitation on the chest or back.

What Should I Do Before The Cavitation Treatment?

Before treatment, drink 550 ml of water and stay relaxed. Take off all metal or gold ornaments, take off your clothes if necessary, wear professional treatment clothes, you must drink water after treatment to eliminate fat, continue to do some exercise and diet.

Benefits & Risks of Cavitation Treatment?


  1. Security

Ultrasound cavitation treatment is non-invasive or non-surgical, does not affect normal lifting and work, and does not require recovery time after treatment.

  1. Painless

40k cavitation acts on deep fat cells. During the treatment, you will not feel anything on the surface of the skin. You only feel that it will be red after the treatment, without pain.

  1. Quick results

It takes only 20 minutes for cavitation therapy, and after 2-3 months, if you maintain your diet and exercise, you can see the results, but if you also perform vacuum radio frequency function, the treatment time will take 45 minutes to 60 minutes , The result will be faster.

  1. Not warm, no noise or vibration

Unoisetion cavitation 2.0 is upgraded to an intelligent system, which can adjust the frequency according to skin temperature during the treatment process, making it more comfortable. And the energy is mainly aimed at the deep fat tissue, so it will not waste energy to vibrate on the head, which can help to achieve better results and extend the life of the head.


  1. During the treatment of cavitation, the ear will buzz and make the patient feel headache
  2. Need to maintain eating habits and exercise to achieve good results, otherwise, you need to wait more time to see the effect.
  3. After ultrasonic cavitation treatment, the skin will be red, and the metal part will rub the skin, and the redness will disappear after 1-2 hours. During the treatment, cavitation gel should be applied to make the treatment smooth.
  4. After cavitation treatment, you will feel thirsty, which means that fat cells will be penetrated by cavitation frequency and into fatty acids, drink plenty of water to increase the body's metabolism and get faster results.

Who Should Not Do This Treatment

  1. Pregnant woman
  2. Heart disease patients
  3. People with metal in their bodies

If you want to know more about cavitation machine, contact us, please.